Clause Craft offers three services for authors:

1. Developmental Editing
I will read your manuscript thoroughly. I will examine structure, plot, character development, dialogue, pacing, and other “big picture” issues. After this I will present you with an editorial report which contains an overview of your manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses as well as suggestions for improvement.
If you have clear aims for your project tell me so beforehand so I can keep those in mind while editing. Think of questions like: What do you want to bring across (content), how do want to bring this across (style), and to whom (readership). If you have specific issues you’d like me to pay extra attention to, tell me so beforehand.

2. Line-editing
I will read through your manuscript but instead of on the ‘big picture’ issues the focus will be on tightening your manuscript and improve its effectiveness. I will consider issues like consistency, clarity, repetition, overuse of certain words/phrases, and other aspects that could be improved upon.
I will use ‘record changes’ and comment boxes so you can decide which of my suggestions you want to implement and which you want to disregard.

3. Copy-Editing
Copy-editing is about fixing issues with grammar, spelling, punctuation and awkward phrasing. I will use ‘record changes’, so you can see my edits and choose whether or not to accept them. I will add comments in comment boxes if I think this will be useful, unless you state beforehand that you do not want this. This option is best if you don’t want to make any major changes to your manuscript, but only need it tidied up.