If you have any questions about Clause Craft, please email them to:
If you are interested in using my editing service, send me an email in which you tell me about the manuscript you want me to edit and what you’d like me to do for you.

I will need to see a 1000 word excerpt of your manuscript (or the entire manuscript if it’s less than 1000 words) to decide if I can be of help to you. Of course this sample needs to be representative of the entire document.
If I am able take on your manuscript, I will email you to discuss work methods and administrative necessities.
If I think you would benefit more from another service than the one you requested or if I can not take on your manuscript I will let you know why this is. (Perhaps your work is already so perfect that you don’t need an editor!)
At the moment I only work with digital manuscripts in word format (.doc or .docx) or openoffice format (.odf)