Editing Service for Writers

Clause Craft offers friendly, personal and affordable editing services for writers.

It is notoriously difficult for writers to edit their own work. After working on a manuscript for weeks, months or even years it can become almost impossible to spot errors and weaknesses. This is why it is always a good idea to let your work be scrutinised by an editor before sending it into the big, bad, and critical world.

A good editor works with the author to make the written work as effective as it can be in bringing across what the author wants to bring across.

As your editor I will approach your manuscript from a professional angle. I will identify its strengths and weaknesses, I will tidy and tighten it, and I will help you see your work with fresh eyes.
I will pore over your work and provide you with an editorial comment in which I discuss the strengths of your work and offer advice on how to improve it.
If you also hire me to do a line-edit I will filter out any snags like typing errors, cut-and-paste ‘scars’, odd sentence constructions and inconsistencies.
I will not change your manuscript beyond recognition. It will still be your work, in your voice.